BUZZER Piezo Ceramic Element FT-12N-5.8B1

BUZZER Piezo Ceramic Element FT-12N-5.8B1

Short Description:

Piezo ceramic element with feedback,from 12 mm to 35 mm diameter

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Clear sound / High sound pressure
Custom design capability 
Competitive pricing  
Fast delivery    


12 mm to 35 mm diameter 
FT: Piezo element
12: Diameter  T: Brass, N: Nickel-alloy, G: Stainless steel 
5.8: Frequency 
B1: Self driven type 

Tolerance:  D  (Diameter):  ±0.1  d  (Ceramic dia):  ±0.3  T1:(total thickness):  ±0.05  T2:(Ceramic thickness):  ±0.03 

Please view the attached detailed specification in ” PDF” file.  

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